Employee satisfaction

Employee satisfaction

Employee satisfaction is generated when employees have an all-round sense of well-being. That feeling of satisfaction is expressed in the open, regular feedback in Tweeklies and employee appraisals, and equally when it comes to having a chat by the coffee machine.

Our goal is to have low turnover of employees and for our staff to give us very good marks as employers, e.g. in our annual anonymous employee survey.

We offer very flexible working models to better respond to the different needs of our employees: from flexible working hours, which can easily be reduced or expanded again, including as part-time work, to flexibility in where work takes place.

Communal events

We realised at an early stage that many work processes can also be performed completely remotely. However, this does not mean that our offices are empty, quite the contrary: new interest groups are emerging in the office communities, who come together for sport or for a weekly games evening.

Self-organised teams have set up a variety of regular and spontaneous events away from everyday work. From bouldering to board games and from motorcycle rides to triathlon groups and Tough Mudder events – even after work, the inovex community has a lot in common.