Open communication


Open communication

Knowledge grows when you share it. That is why we rely on short communication channels. Both internally and externally, we want to create knowledge and drive the technological community forward through open communication.

Regular exchange

At inovex we support this exchange of knowledge with Lean Coffees and other ‘brown-bag meetings’ in which anyone interested can meet during their lunch break. In addition, many teams provide regular and spontaneous formats for exchange on technological and methodological innovations.

In our weekly internal newsletter (newsflash), we inform each other about all the important decisions and developments that have taken place, about exciting projects and conferences, and about communal leisure activities.

Sharing knowledge

We also rely on open communication channels for the outside world. We participate in the discourse of the technological community in many different formats, with meetups at company locations or online, representation at international conferences, specialist blog articles, and scientific theses on current technological research topics.