Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is one of the core values of inovex. Our aim is always for our clients to be happy with our joint projects. We often achieve this by not only satisfying our customers with the result delivered, but also going a step further to leave them pleasantly surprised by us.

We put our faith in partnership on equal footing. One element of this is that our workflows are not a black box for our customers. We always stay transparent and actively involve them in the project process.

Customer-focused activity

With this in mind, we always act and advise in the interests of our customers and, at the same time, in accordance with our principles. 

As an independent service provider, we have free choice in the technologies we select for our customers and can always autonomously and innovatively develop the best possible solution.

Inclusion in the project

Our agile way of working not only provides more flexibility. It also allows our customers to actively participate in the project – from start to finish.

At regular intervals, we provide them with ready-made increments, which they can test and then provide feedback on. In this way, adjustments can be made at any time while the project is ongoing, and new ideas can be incorporated.